Excel - Liga I

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Liga I analytics using Microsoft Excel.

This micro course is tailored for enthusiasts who want to master data manipulation and visualization with real-time datasets from the Liga I.
Learn to clean, analyze, and visualize player statistics, team performance, and match trends.
Gain the skills to create dynamic dashboards that offer valuable insights.

Excel Bootcamp


Liga I Data Lab  

The Intro course is free

  • Video Introduction
  • Paid Section Preview
  • Theory
  • Case Study Preview
  • Practice

#1 Excel Bootcamp

Sections included :

  • Working with tables
  • CountA() Function
  • CountIFS() Function
  • Exploring Excel
  • CountIF() Function
  • SumIF() Function
  • IF() Function
  • Data Validation & CountIF()
  • SumIFS() Function
  • Average() Function
  • AverageIF() Function
  • AverageIFS() Function
  • Pivot Tables

#2 Advanced Excel 

Sections included :

  • VLOOKUP() Function
  • MATCH() Function
  • LEFT() Function
  • HLOOKUP() Function
  • TRIM() Function
  • RIGHT() Function
  • INDEX() Function
  • CLEAN() Function
  • MID() Function
  • SUBSTITUTE() Function
  • Data Cleaning

#3 Playground

Sections included :

  • Case Study 1: The Home Ground Advantage
  • Case Study 2: Clash of the Titans
  • Case Study 3: Win - Loss Ration
  • Case Study 4: Analyzing Data based on Performance Ranking

#4 Practice Section

Sections included :

  • IF() Function Exercises
  • SUM(), SUMIF() & SUMIFS() Functions

Data Labs

#5 Case Studies

A Data Lab is essentially a dynamic learning environment where we put into practice the latest skills we've acquired in Excel through the League of your choosing.

In this section, our focus shifts to the realm of Liga I data.

Data Lab serves as a practical course where we immerse ourselves in hands-on Case Studies, applying our knowledge to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

With each Case Study, we explore new dimensions of data analysis, allowing us to delve into the latest trends and uncover hidden patterns within the world of Liga I data.

Sections included :

Case Study #1 : Performance statistics of CFR Cluj 

Overall, CFR Cluj's performance in the 2022/23 season shows a strong correlation between successful passes, shots on target, ball possession and goal-scoring. While they were generally disciplined, matches with high fouls and yellow cards show room for improvement 😞. The team seems to excel in matches where they dominate ball possession, indicating a possible area of focus for future games 🎯. Their ability to win duels and intercept successfully also appears crucial in converting defensive play into scoring opportunities. Keep going, CFR Cluj! 👏🏆

Case Study #2 : Performance statistics of Mioveni

Mioveni's performance over the 2022/23 season in the Romanian Liga I showcases some key strengths, especially in passing and ball possession. However, the team has areas to improve, particularly in turning possession and passing into scoring opportunities, and in maintaining discipline, especially during high-pressure games. Their defensive metrics show a need for better consistency and efficiency, particularly in winning duels and making successful interceptions. Ultimately, turning these insights into action would significantly benefit Mioveni's performance in future seasons. 💪🔥⚽️

Case Study #3 : Performance statistics of Petrolul 52

Petrolul 52 shows potential with strong ball control and defensive resilience, as demonstrated by their high successful passes and duels won. However, these strengths aren't always translated into goals ⚽, suggesting room for improvement in their attacking strategy. Their discipline is another area to work on, considering their relatively high number of yellow 🟨 and red cards 🟥. Maintaining a balance between aggressive play and sportsmanship could be key to their success in future seasons. 👍🏆📈

Case Study #4 : Performance statistics of Universitatea Craiova

Universitatea Craiova has a style of play that focuses on retaining possession and creating opportunities ⚽, but they need to improve on converting these opportunities into goals 🥅. Their aggressive play style, while it leads to possession and opportunities, often results in fouls 🚩 and cards 📒 that may hinder their performance. Balancing aggression with control, and honing their finishing skills 🎯, could enhance their performance in the future 🏆.

Case Study #5 : Performance statistics of UTA Arad

UTA Arad's performance over the 2022/23 season showcases a team that is capable of controlling the ball and creating goal-scoring opportunities, particularly in matches where they managed to score. While their discipline could be improved in certain matches, they generally show better control and performance when they play a clean, skillful game. The correlation between successful passes, winning duels, and goal-scoring provides valuable insight into the team's strategies and areas for potential improvement. Despite some challenges, the team has demonstrated a balanced style of play throughout the season. ⚽📊🎉

Case Study #6 : Performance statistics of Voluntari

Voluntari showed strong performance in terms of passing, shooting, and maintaining ball possession ⚽, which are indicators of an efficient attacking strategy. Their discipline on the field was generally good, albeit with some room for improvement to reduce fouls and yellow cards 🟨. They appeared to thrive more when they focused on offensive tactics, which often resulted in high-scoring games 🥅. Moving forward, maintaining the discipline, focusing on offensive plays, and reducing fouls could potentially lead to even better results. 🚀🏆