Terms of Payment

These terms regulate the provision of the 'https://sportsanalytics.school/' service by the company 'VAQUANCY LTD', hereinafter referred to as "VAQUANCY " or "the Company," with the following details:

Headquarters: 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR, United Kingdom
Registration Number: 13803233
Phone: +44.1234567890
Email: info@vaquancy.com


The Company provides the following services:
Free courses (see paragraph #1)
Elearning Courses (see paragraph #2 (hereinafter "Courses")

#1. Free courses

Courses labeled as "Free Courses" are provided free of charge to the website's users. A prerequisite for attending the Course is the creation of a user account, which is also provided free of charge. The Company reserves the right to remove the user from the Platform upon the expiration of the viewing period or in any other case deemed appropriate by the Company. The Company retains the right to update the content of the course at any time by adding, removing, or modifying its content. Additionally, there is no right of withdrawal, given that the course is provided free of charge, nor any other claim regarding the proper functioning and display of the course.

#2. e-Learning Courses or Courses

In the context of "Elearnings," programs are provided that are available through the platform. Internet access is required to participate in these programs. The language of each program is specified on the program's page. If there is no specific mention, the language of the courses is considered to be English. The content of these courses is not intended to substitute for professional, legal, or other advice.
The Company reserves the right to update the content included in the courses at any time. The content of each course is available on the platform for 1 year from the date of purchase.
The purchase of these courses is made through this website. Customers of elearning courses expressly waive their right of withdrawal from the moment they gain access to the content of the elearning courses, meaning from the day and time of purchase of the courses. For the Company's liability, the paragraph "Limitation of Liability" below applies.

#3 Vouchers

The Company has the ability to create promotional offers in any form (collectively referred to as "promotional privileges"), such as providing free coupons, gift cards, discount codes, and vouchers. These promotional privileges can be used to purchase Courses as a discount on the product price.
The Company decides the duration and expiration time of each promotional privilege, which can be specified either by announcing a final deadline or by the exhaustion of a specific number of spots, applications, or the promotional privileges themselves. The Company is free to extend the period of validity or modify it as it sees fit. Promotional privileges are not exchangeable for cash, not transferable, not for sale, and cannot be redeemed for the purchase of other Company programs.
Promotional privileges can only be used for one product purchase. In case participants cannot prove their eligibility for inclusion in the promotional offer, the Company reserves the right to revoke the awarding of privileges. We reserve the right to request proof from the customer that they are the holder of the promotional privilege.
Promotional privileges are in electronic format and may be sent to the email provided by the interested party upon receipt. Depending on the promotional offer, there may be additional terms for redeeming each discount privilege, which are stated at the bottom of the aforementioned email or in the corresponding announcement on the site, social media, or other communication channels. In this case, these terms are an integral part of these terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property

The material provided by the Company constitutes the intellectual property of the Company, subject to the rights of third parties. Therefore, any use, copying, storage, reproduction, republication, transmission, issuance, translation, or modification of any part or the entirety of the content of the service is explicitly prohibited without the prior written permission of the Company. In the event that it becomes apparent to the Company that the Customer or any third party has gained access to the material or has been granted access by the latter, the Company reserves the right to pursue any other legal rights it may have. The isolated storage and copying of portions of the content on a personal computer for strictly personal use is exceptionally permitted. A prerequisite is the absence of an intention for commercial exploitation and the indication of its source. Under no circumstances, however, can this be interpreted as an indication of a willingness to grant intellectual property rights by the Company. The material originating from collaborating providers has been granted to the Company with specific authorization, without in any way infringing on their intellectual property rights. Therefore, any republication of them is explicitly prohibited.

Liability Limitation

The Company cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any damage or other negative consequence that may arise from accessing collaborating pages and services. Additionally, it does not guarantee that the material in question will be provided without interruptions and errors, or that these errors will be corrected. In no case are there guarantees from the Company regarding the correctness, completeness, and availability of the content of the pages and services. Finally, no guarantee is provided by the Company that any other linked website or the servers through which it is made available are free from viruses or other harmful components. Therefore, no claim of financial or any other nature for damage resulting from the above reasons can be made, and the cost is solely borne by the visitor in each case.

Applicable Law and Other Terms

These terms, including any amendments, are governed and supplemented, where necessary, by UK and EU law, as well as by relevant international treaties, and the courts of London, United Kingdom are competent. In case of total or partial invalidity or unenforceability of individual terms, the validity of the rest of the terms is not affected. Any gap that may arise in the agreement between the Company and the Customer due to an invalid term will be filled with new or modified terms that best serve the legal purpose of the respective invalid term. The above apply in any case and for any matters that are not explicitly regulated within the text of the terms of use.