Excel - Premier League

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Premier League analytics using Microsoft Excel.

This micro course is tailored for enthusiasts who want to master data manipulation and visualization with real-time datasets from the Premier League.
Learn to clean, analyze, and visualize player statistics, team performance, and match trends.
Gain the skills to create dynamic dashboards that offer valuable insights.

Excel Bootcamp


Premier League Data Lab  

The Intro course is free

  • Video Introduction
  • Paid Section Preview
  • Theory
  • Case Study Preview
  • Practice

#1 Excel Bootcamp

Sections included :

  • Working with tables
  • CountA() Function
  • CountIFS() Function
  • Exploring Excel
  • CountIF() Function
  • SumIF() Function
  • IF() Function
  • Data Validation & CountIF()
  • SumIFS() Function
  • Average() Function
  • AverageIF() Function
  • AverageIFS() Function
  • Pivot Tables

#2 Advanced Excel 

Sections included :

  • VLOOKUP() Function
  • MATCH() Function
  • LEFT() Function
  • HLOOKUP() Function
  • TRIM() Function
  • RIGHT() Function
  • INDEX() Function
  • CLEAN() Function
  • MID() Function
  • SUBSTITUTE() Function
  • Data Cleaning

#3 Playground

Sections included :

  • Case Study 1: The Home Ground Advantage
  • Case Study 2: Clash of the Titans
  • Case Study 3: Win - Loss Ration
  • Case Study 4: Analyzing Data based on Performance Ranking

#4 Practice Section

Sections included :

  • IF() Function Exercises
  • SUM(), SUMIF() & SUMIFS() Functions

Data Labs

#5 Case Studies

A Data Lab is essentially a dynamic learning environment where we put into practice the latest skills we've acquired in Excel through the League of your choosing.

In this section, our focus shifts to the realm of Premier League data.

Data Lab serves as a practical course where we immerse ourselves in hands-on Case Studies, applying our knowledge to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

With each Case Study, we explore new dimensions of data analysis, allowing us to delve into the latest trends and uncover hidden patterns within the world of Premier League data.

Sections included :

Case Study #1 : Performance statistics of Leicester City

Based on the analysis, Leicester City shows a balanced performance in various metrics. The team excels in successful passes and demonstrates strong physical attributes, as seen in the number of duels won. They also show promise in their offensive capabilities, although there is room for improvement in the number of shots and assists. Discipline is another area that needs attention, as evidenced by the number of yellow cards received. 📊⚽

Case Study #2 : Performance statistics ofManchester United

Manchester United exhibits a strong performance but can still refine both their offensive and defensive strategies. While discipline is relatively good, evidenced by a low number of red cards, there is room for improvement in reducing yellow cards. Offensively, the team demonstrates strong ball control and scoring capabilities. Defensively, the team showcases strong interception numbers, especially in matches with high pass counts. This analysis provides actionable insights for future matches and seasons. ⚽🔥

Case Study #3 : Performance statistics of Newcastle United

Newcastle United shows a fairly balanced performance but has room for improvement in several areas. Their strengths lie in resilience and some degree of control over the game. However, they must focus on disciplinary aspects, as shown by the frequent yellow cards. The pivot tables further underline their offensive variation and defensive capabilities, but also highlight areas that need fine-tuning for better performance. 🏆⚽

Case Study #4 : Performance statistics of Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest shows a balanced approach in their matches but needs to work on discipline, as evidenced by the high number of yellow cards. The team has a good offensive strategy, often managing to score 2 goals in a match. However, with zero red cards and fouls in such instances, their defensive play is notably disciplined. The team could focus on enhancing their offensive strategies to increase shots on target and improve pass quality. 📊⚽

Case Study #5 : Performance statistics of Everton

Everton shows strengths in individual skills, particularly in duels won. However, there are areas needing improvement, particularly in discipline and offensive efficiency. Addressing these could elevate Everton's overall performance in future matches. ⚽🏆

Case Study #6 : Performance statistics ofLiverpool

Liverpool demonstrates significant offensive capabilities, but there are areas that require attention, mainly in team discipline and player health. Adopting a balanced strategy that focuses on both aggressive gameplay and long-term player well-being could be advantageous. ⚽🔥