SQL - Champions League

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Dive into the heart of Champions League data management using SQL.

In this micro course, you'll learn to efficiently navigate real-time datasets to extract valuable insights.
Master the art of querying player statistics, match results, and team standings to gain a competitive edge.
SQL skills will empower you to provide strategic insights that shape the narrative of the tournament.

SQL Bootcamp


Champions League Data Lab  

The Intro course is free

  • Video Introduction
  • Paid Section Preview
  • Theory
  • Case Study Preview
  • Exercises

#1 HEX Installation Guide

Sections included :

  • The benefits of using HEX in Data Analysis
  • HEX Sign Up guide with video and step by step instructions
  • HEX Data Connect Data Guide with video and step by step instructions

#2 SELECT Command

Sections included :

  • Alias
  • Practical Examples
  • Quiz

#3 WHERE Clause

Sections included :

  • WHERE Clause
  • WHERE Clause combinations
  • Logical Operators
  • % Wildcard
  • _ Wildcard
  • Practical Examples
  • Quiz
  • Coding Assignment

#4 Sorting and Aggregation

Sections included :

  • ORDER BY Clause
  • GROUP BY Clause
  • Aggregated Functions
  • Practical Examples
  • Quiz
  • Coding Assignment

#5 SubQueries, JOINS, Case When

Sections included :

  • SubQuery Theory
  • SubQuery Examples
  • JOINS vs SubQuery
  • General JOIN Advice - Tips
  • Practical Examples
  • Quiz
  • Case When Theory
  • Case When Examples
  • Coding Assignments

Data Labs

#6 Case Studies

A Data Lab is essentially a dynamic learning environment where we put into practice the latest skills we've acquired in SQL through the League of your choosing.

In this section, our focus shifts to the realm of Champions League data.

Data Lab serves as a practical course where we immerse ourselves in hands-on Case Studies, applying our knowledge to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

With each Case Study, we explore new dimensions of data analysis, allowing us to delve into the latest trends and uncover hidden patterns within the world of Champions League data.

Sections included :

Case Study #1: Team Performance

In this SQL case study, we embark on an exciting journey through the UEFA Champions League 2023, where we explore and analyze the performances of the participating teams. Our goal is to uncover insights that will help us determine the best team of the tournament.
Join us as we dive into the world of football data, using SQL queries to unravel the secrets behind each team's success. 🔍

Case Study #2: MVP of the Final

In this case study, we immerse ourselves in the dataset capturing the crucial moments, individual performances, and team dynamics that unfolded during the Champions League Final 2023.
We aim to extract meaningful insights from the available statistics, enabling us to recognize the player who truly shone on the grandest stage of European football.
By employing SQL queries, we will uncover the key statistics that lead us to the deserving MVP. 🏅

Case Study #3: Goal-Scoring Patterns

In this case study, we delve deep into the comprehensive dataset capturing the goals scored in the Champions League 2023. By formulating thought-provoking questions and constructing SQL queries, we aim to unravel valuable insights about the goal-scoring patterns and their significance in the competition.
Through our analysis, we seek to answer questions related to goal distribution, goal types, influential goal scorers, and more. This exploration will allow us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics behind the goals in this prestigious tournament. 📈

Case Study #4: Defensive Performance

The Champions League is renowned for showcasing some of the most exhilarating attacking talent in world football. However, behind every successful team lies a solid defensive foundation.
In this SQL case study, we shift our focus to the defensive side of the game, delving into the data to explore and analyze defensive performance in the Champions League. 🔍

Case Study #5: Penalty Shootouts

Penalty shootouts are among the most thrilling moments in football, where the fate of teams hangs in the balance.
In this case study, we delve into the penalty shootout data from the Champions League 2023, aiming to uncover insights and patterns surrounding these high-pressure situations.
By analyzing factors such as success rates, goalkeeper performances, and the impact of the penalty shootout order, we gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of penalty shootouts in one of the most prestigious football competitions in the world. 🔍

Case Study #6: Champions League by Stage

The UEFA Champions League is a prestigious tournament that showcases the finest football talent from across Europe.
In this case study, we focus on exploring the Champions League data by stage, aiming to uncover unique insights and patterns that emerge throughout the different stages of the competition.
By analyzing performance metrics, goals scored, and other key factors, we gain a comprehensive understanding of how teams evolve and perform as they progress through the stages. 🔍

Case Study #7: Winning Strategies

The UEFA Champions League is renowned for its intense competition and breathtaking matches.
In this SQL case study, we embark on a journey to unravel the winning strategies employed by teams in the tournament.
By examining match data, team formations, goals scored, possession percentages, and more, we aim to gain insights into the factors that contribute to success in the Champions League. Join us as we delve into the world of tactics and analyze the data to uncover the secrets behind triumphant teams and their strategic prowess! ⚽️

Case Study #8: Home Advantage

In the realm of football, the concept of a "home advantage" has long been discussed and debated.
The UEFA Champions League provides a rich dataset to delve into this phenomenon, where teams battle it out on their home turfs in front of passionate supporters.
In this SQL case study, we will investigate the influence of playing at home in the Champions League, examining factors such as goal-scoring prowess, defensive stability, and overall match outcomes.
So let's kick off our analysis and discover the secrets behind the home advantage! 🏠

Case Study #9: Player Performances by position

In the world of football, individual player performances can often shape the outcome of a match and have a significant impact on a team's success.
By diving into the rich dataset of the Champions League, we can explore the performances of players from various teams and uncover insights into their contributions.
This SQL case study aims to examine player statistics, goal-scoring patterns, defensive prowess, and other key metrics to gain a deeper understanding of the role individual players play in the tournament's outcomes. ⚽️

Case Study #10: The Role of Substitutes

In this SQL case study, we delve into the fascinating realm of substitutes in the UEFA Champions League.
Substitutions play a vital role in altering the course of a match, providing teams with the opportunity to introduce fresh talent, adjust tactics, or influence the game's tempo.
By analyzing the data on substitutions, we aim to gain insights into the impact and significance of substitutions in the tournament. ⚽️

#7 General Theory

Sections included :

  • Data and Database
  • Database Management System
  • Types of DBMS
  • Data and Database
  • Data Types
  • Primary Key
  • Foreign Key
  • Quiz

#8 Create your Workspace

Sections included :

  • MySQL Workbench
  • Windows & MacOS
  • Installing a Database