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discussing sports.


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Why invest in Sports Analytics School?


Our product can be customized for every Country in the world, based on local sports preferences.

Every sport

We can offer a wide scale of sports,
from European Football to cricket, and NFL to NBA.


Our audience varies from ordinary sports lovers & influencers to data science experts.

Sports Analytics School
In numbers...

January 2023

The idea was born. We tested it via Reatcode Group, our first company.

September 2023

Total revenue: 300,000 Euros!
New users: 1,300+
For just the beta version!

Our milestones

For 2023/24: Expand in the European region

For 2025: Expand in the USA with NFL and NBA and Latin America, targeting millions of football lovers.

Users Join the Community because:

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 It's for everyone!

Get closer to the game, via access to real time stats & Dashboards

It's for Influencers!

Achieve content creation and Influencing

 It's for Tech Lovers

Empower sports technology through collective knowledge

Meet the team

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Efthymis Vafeiadis

Co- Founder,
Managing Director - Growth/Operations
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Dimitris Kyriakatis

Co- Founder,
Managing Director -
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Vasilis Sambrakos

Co-Founder, Sports Journalist-TV- Presenter/Influencer,
Principal Advisor/Growth

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